Alumni Spotlight – Peter Bass

Peter Bass played The Father in the MYOpera production of Hansel & Gretel in April, 2014.

Peter Bass as the Father in Hänsel & Gretel

Peter Bass as The Father in Hansel & Gretel Photo: Greg King


  • Where are you from? Edmonton, AB

  • Where do you currently live? Toronto, ON

  • What’s your favourite MYOpera memory? I remember the intimacy of the rehearsal experience. It really brought a unified performance getting to work in close proximity of my castmates.

  • What role did MYOpera play in your career/life? Vater in Hänsel und Gretel

  • What have you been doing since MYOpera? I am on a short hiatus while I harness my voice with a new teacher.

  • What’s your favourite opera (to watch/listen to)? Anything by Britten, especially Billy Budd

  • What’s your guilty pleasure song (any genre)? “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” by Frank Zappa (Not that I’m guilty about Zappa, just the subject matter…)

  • Traveling is always an adventure! What’s your favourite/most memorable travel experience? Driving across Canada with a trailer on my car. I especially enjoyed camping on the shore of Lake Superior with old friends.

  • Do you have a signature dish/meal that you make? Tell us about it! “Bachelor’s Special” which is simply Grilled cheese sandwich and Campbell’s Tomato soup with a substantial amount of crackers.

  • Singers/Artists are busy people! What’s your favourite snack when you’re on the go? Peeled and sliced apple with lemon juice.


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