Rosanna Murphy as Fiordiligi

Alumni Spotlight – Rosanna Murphy

Rosanna Murphy was part of MYOpera’s inaugural production, playing Fiordiligi in Così fan tutte in 2011. The above photo also features Ryan Allen as Ferrando. Photo by Gene Wu.

1. Where are you from?
Moncton, New Brunswick

2. Where do you currently live?

3. What’s your favourite MYOpera memory?
My favourite MYOpera memories are the female-only rehearsals. I got to sing with fiercely talented and intelligent opera singers (very dear friends to this day!), work under a female director and a female music director. What a unique and amazing opportunity #girlpower

4. What role has MYOpera played in your career/life?
When I was still auditioning, it was extremely valuable. It allowed me to put professional experience on my resume. I was paid to sing opera, instead of PAYING to sing opera, which is often the case for aspiring opera singers.
Today, as someone outside of the “opera world”, it brings me great joy to support MYOpera by attending the performances and spreading the word about a company whose mandate is to truly support young artists, not to be confused with “young artists” who have already had mainstage professional contracts. In my opinion, MYOpera is one of the most important opera companies in the city for this reason.

5. What have you been doing since MYOpera?
I have changed career paths. I didn’t want or need a career in opera enough to fully commit to the sacrifices involved. After a few years of teaching music privately to what is now a full studio of voice and piano students, I discovered my gift and love of teaching. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Education from York University with the hopes of teaching both French and Music to children in the public school system in Toronto.
I should mention, I still LOVE to sing! My audience, however, has changed. It’s usually my boyfriend patiently listening to an aria in our condo or my mom over the phone (haha!)

Also, we recently bought a guitar (an acoustic Fender) and it’s the best thing in the world. My fingers hurt from playing it so much!

6. What’s your favourite opera (to watch/listen to)?
Così fan tutte

7. What’s your guilty pleasure song (any genre)?
Hmm, I have so many! This morning it’s a “Turn your Lights Down Low” Lauryn Hill cover. It’s not really a “guilty” pleasure though. More pleasure than guilt 😉

8. Traveling is always an adventure! What’s your favourite/most memorable travel experience?
I have many. Any trip to New Brunswick is good for the soul and feels like my favourite trip of all time, especially when my boyfriend comes along and we go on a quest for the best hiking trails and fresh seafood!

9. Do you have a signature dish/meal that you make? Tell us about it!
I have many! Cooking and baking have become a huge hobbies of mine over the last few years. I bake a very tasty apple pie, (with homemade pastry, btw!) I also make really good lentil cashew veggie burgers that taste better than meat! I swear!

10. Singers/Artists are busy people! What’s your favourite snack when you’re on the go?
Homemade hummus with rice crisps or baby carrots is a go-to snack, but let’s be real, nothing beats a tasty chocolate chip cookie once and a while!

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