Alumni Spotlight – Stephanie Tritchew

Stephanie Tritchew played The Witch in the MYOpera production of Hansel & Gretel in April 2014

Stephanie Tritchew as The Witch in  Hansel & Gretel (2014)

Stephanie Tritchew as The Witch in MYOpera’s Hansel & Gretel, April 2014 Photo: Greg King

Where are you from? I am originally from St. Catharines, Ontario

Where do you currently live? I currently live in Calgary, Alberta

What’s your favourite MYOpera memory? When I was in MYOpera, my castmate Ally and I were both preparing for the Eckhardt Gramatte competition and we were singing in MYOpera’s Hansel and Gretel. My favourite memory was being backstage and eating cotton candy and gummy candies (prop food–sorry!!) whilst trying to cram contemporary music into our brains

What role did MYOpera play in your career/life? MYOpera was great for me for a few reasons. Firstly, being a young artist, it’s always amazing to have stage experience and another role to include on my resume. I was very busy during the production time, so it really challenged my time management. I found our production useful because it was unconventional, and it’s always really useful and interesting to work with a director’s new concept. And lastly, as a young mezzo, I don’t get much opportunity to sing German opera. It was really challenging from a memory standpoint but also, the witch’s part is very wordy. Singing a lot of fast German was tough!

What have you been doing since MYOpera? After MYOpera, I competed in the Eckhardt Gramatte competition, went on tour with The Bicycle Opera Project and I am currently an Emerging Artist with Calgary Opera.

What’s your favourite opera (to watch/listen to)? Hard question! If I can only choose one, I think maybe Dialogues des Carmelites by Poulenc.

What’s your guilty pleasure song (any genre)? Also a hard question! My answer always changes but right now I’m loving Anthony’s Song (Movin’ Out!) by Billy Joel, Papa Don’t Preach by Madonna and All About the Bass by Meghan Trainor.

Traveling is always an adventure! What’s your favourite/most memorable travel experience? My absolute most favourite travel experience was spending 2 months in Italy during the summer of 2012. Probably the best summer of my life.

Do you have a signature dish/meal that you make? Tell us about it! I love making appetizers! When I was 18, I worked as a hostess at Montanas Cookhouse and I used to get antijitos after every shift. Since I only made like $10/hr. and only got 50% off food, I was spending quite a lot of money on antijitos. I had this really cool manager who felt bad and photocopied the spec sheet for me. So I make those for every event and mine are better than Montanas (if I do say so myself).

Singers/Artists are busy people! What’s your favourite snack when you’re on the go? I’ll eat pretty much anything as long as I have a tea or coffee!

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