Welcome to the MYOpera Blog!

Welcome to the new home of Metro Youth Opera!

While we’ll get more in-depth with regular blog posts in the coming weeks, let me first take some time to show you around the site and its exciting new features!

1. 2013 Season – As always, we want to make sure that our upcoming season information is easily accessible when you get to the site. You can click on any of our homepage sliders, the 2013 Season box below or click through the navigation menu under Productions and Tickets to learn more about our exciting new season and to buy tickets for our performances on April 5 and 7, 2013.

2. Past Seasons – Feeling nostalgic? New to MYOpera and want to see what we’ve done before? Click on through to Past Seasons to see everything you need to know, or check out our Photos to see us in our finery.

3. Footer Bar – You’ll notice now that the bottom of every page features our most important information, easily accessible no matter where you are. Look here for our Facebook account, our recent Tweets, plus see our beautiful new Instagram feed. Here, you can also sign up for our mailing list, so you’re always kept in touch for new season announcements, audition notices, and more!

4. Mobile Optimization – Whether you’re reading this post on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, you’ll notice that the site still looks beautiful and easy to navigate. That’s because we’re now set up for full mobile optimization. No matter what your device, feel comfortable knowing you can still access all your necessary MYOpera content without all that pesky zooming.

As for the rest of the site, you’ll notice that we have all of the same information available for you (and more!), but it’s just cleaner, fresher, and easier to navigate than our old site. We’ve been lucky to have had the wonderful Kelly Wong over at dotwong.com at the helm of this exciting project, and more than anything, we’re thrilled to finally get to show it off to all of you.

Now, head on back to the Home page, and have yourself a great time on the all-new Metro Youth Opera site!

Enthusiastically yours,
Kate Applin

Founder & Artistic Director
Metro Youth Opera

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