The MYOpera Rebrand Story

MYOpera RebrandI’m here to tell you about MYOpera’s recent rebrand from Metro Youth Opera. You may already know the story. I founded Metro Youth Opera in 2010 to create viable, paid performance experiences for emerging artists throughout the world of opera. I was a young artist myself at the time, no longer in school, and I realized there must be many others like me who were in need of performance experiences. So I created Metro Youth Opera to help fill this void. Over the course of five years, Metro Youth Opera grew in both size and reputation, and began to attract attention from outside the world of opera.

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From both sides of the audition table

It’s my favourite time of the MYOpera season – audition week! Sitting behind the table is an incredible, inspiring, and humbling experience for me every year. To see the talent this city has on offer is a real privilege, and the hardest part of my job is saying “no” to dozens of exceptional artists that I would love to cast.

It wasn’t always this way at auditions though! For many years, I stood on the other side of the table, overcome with nerves, trying to put my best face forward for the panel on the other side of the table.

Some singers excel at auditions, while others (like myself) do not. Whichever camp you’re in, I‘m going to share some tips from my time on both sides of the table that may help you through your MYOpera audition, and hopefully others.

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