Philanthropia in Latin means a “love for mankind”. In English, philanthropy seems to connote images of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates; gargantuan donations of millions of dollars to worthy causes. And in part, that’s what it’s about… but that’s not the whole story.

Philanthropy is the love for mankind, the love of people; it’s about identifying your greatest loves and passions and supporting them.

Metro Youth Opera’s tagline is “Creating opportunities for Toronto’s emerging artists to have a voice of their own.” The fact that MYOpera gives young artists a chance to perform at a time when it’s so difficult to find these opportunities is so incredible. What makes this mission even better is the fact that the young artists get compensated. At a stage of their careers where all they seem to do is pay – pay for school, pay for scores, pay for lessons, pay for summer programs – Metro Youth Opera pays them.

…but MYOpera can’t do it on their own. That’s where philanthropy comes in. Revenue from tickets, on average, have only covered 30% of the cost of putting on Metro Youth opera’s productions. To bridge the gap, the company relies on the support of generous and loyal donors. Metro Youth Opera’s donors are true philanthropists: they love young artists and they love opera. But it doesn’t stop at love; they show their love through financial support, and every donor is integral to each MYOpera season.

Don’t let the Latin words or white-haired millionaires confuse you. Philanthropy is about aligning your passions with your capacity to give, and that is a beautiful thing.

Maeve Strathy, Fundraising Consultant to Metro Youth Opera (

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Welcome to the MYOpera Blog!

Welcome to the new home of Metro Youth Opera!

While we’ll get more in-depth with regular blog posts in the coming weeks, let me first take some time to show you around the site and its exciting new features!

1. 2013 Season – As always, we want to make sure that our upcoming season information is easily accessible when you get to the site. You can click on any of our homepage sliders, the 2013 Season box below or click through the navigation menu under Productions and Tickets to learn more about our exciting new season and to buy tickets for our performances on April 5 and 7, 2013.

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As for the rest of the site, you’ll notice that we have all of the same information available for you (and more!), but it’s just cleaner, fresher, and easier to navigate than our old site. We’ve been lucky to have had the wonderful Kelly Wong over at at the helm of this exciting project, and more than anything, we’re thrilled to finally get to show it off to all of you.

Now, head on back to the Home page, and have yourself a great time on the all-new Metro Youth Opera site!

Enthusiastically yours,
Kate Applin

Founder & Artistic Director
Metro Youth Opera